My Poll
Current Version: 2.1
Last Updated: 12-08-2003
License: GPL
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Requires: Webserver (like Apache), Perl

My Poll aims to provide an easy to use add in solution for adding voting interaction on webpages. The package includes both a CGI script and an SSI for embedding into .shtml pages. Both interfaces use the same config file and can be used exclusively or in combination. A question and list of answers is entered in the config file. The included CGI script can be a accessed directly to present the user with the question and list of options. After making a selection, a pretty bar graph is displayed with the results. The included SSI script can be used to embed the question and answers in a smaller table within a webpage. Clicking on one of the options in the SSI page shows the results in a new popup window. The script has optional time based IP logging to prevent multiple votes from the same IP address within a specified window.
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