gtranscode is a GTK+ GUI (graphical use interface) front-end for transcode written in order to make this powerful tool easier to use.  Transcode is a powerful video and audio processing tool that can read in just about any format of video and/or audio and convert to just as many different formats.  In addition to transcode's extremely flexible modular concept for reading/writing different formats and codecs, it can apply filters, do re-sampling, resizing, cropping, and more.  The cost from all this comes in the form of over 100 command line options which gtranscode aims to simplify.

v0.1 - initial release
v0.1.5 - bug fixes, new -c frames features
v0.2 - added "projected filesize" calculations
v0.3 (7/13/2003) current version - added much needed cancel button and ability to transcode an entire directory.
gtranscode was originally written and still maintained by Michael Spiceland and released under the GPL, GNU General Public License.

main window

transcode in progress
The current version of gtranscode can be downloaded from

NOTE: gtranscode is a frontend for transcode. In order for it to do any real work, you will first need to download and install transcode.
For questions or comments about gtranscode, email
  • organized layout to reduce confusion
  • supports all of the options that most users will want
  • uses tcprobe -i (from transcode package) to summarize information about input file before processing
  • shows the equivalent transcode command line for troubleshooting and familiarizing users with command line options
  • any extra options not supported by the GUI can be manually entered in the entry box before hitting "GO"
  • automatic "maintain aspect ratio" calculations
  • automatic "projected filesize" calculations based on bitrates
  • add graphical way of adding and configuring filters
  • allow for installations other than /usr/local/lib/transcode/
  • integrated divx/other bitrate calculator to obtain specified sized output files (please email me if you know the proper way to do these calculations)
Suggestions and Comments
I need your help.  If you use transcode regularly and gtranscode doesn't do all that you use it for, please make sure it is not on the "To Do" list and email me.  Please provide details on the command line switches and what they do.   The more background I have the easier it will be for me to implement the changes.

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