DTVStream Applet
DTVStream Applet is a Gnome Applet (icon program for the task bar) for dtvstream. The main purpose of the applet is to quickly show the user whether or not you are currently recording anything. If you are, the icon will turn green and the name of what you are recording is shown. This is very helpfull if you automate recordings with cron or with the other scripts at the bottom of this page.

v0.5 (7/2/2005) - removed preceeding path (e.g. /movies/) from filename before printing it.
v0.4 (7/1/2005) - initial release
DTVStream Applet was originally written and still maintained by Michael Spiceland and released under the GPL, GNU General Public License.

Adding the applet to the panel (task bar)

not recording

recording and displaying show name
The current version of DTVStream Applet can be downloaded here: dtvstream-applet.tar.gz (latest version).
Comments and Suggestions
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Scripts for Making a HD-3000 based PVR
I record HDTV with my Linux box using an HD3000 from All of the recordings are saved in pure HDTV, then automatically transcoded to divx/mpeg4 avi files. The files are all named show-episode_name.avi. I have complete control of everything and prefer this control over the MythTV/TiVo way.

This is accomplishd with a script that is run by cron (the Linux/UNIX version of "Task Scheduler"). It uses the database that is used by MythTV. In fact, I just install MythTV but never run the mythbackend, instead, after I install, I run my scripts.

This is what you need in cron (crontab -e):

Ok, and here are my scripts (you will have to save as and rename from .txt to .pl): This is the main script. I have it run every 5 minutes (see above). It opens a file called shows.txt to find out what to record and which shows have higher priorities. If it finds any of these shows starting now, it will record it. This script goes through the recorded HDTV shows (.m2t files) once per night and transcodes them. It opesn the file with mplayer to quickly find out the recorded resolution. Depending on the resolution, it encodes the video the best way. 1080i resolution is reduced by half the height since it is interlaced. 720p or 480p is encoded as it is. 480i is deinterlaced.

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