AVR-based Microcontroller Starter Kit
This starter kit is basically a schematic and gerber board files so that one can send the files to a board house to have one's very own development starter kit. I designed this starter kit for anyone interested in learning to write C code for embedded devices. It was created to be as generic as possible with a few LED's to light up and ports for connecting whatever you want to it. It supports a 4-8Mhz AVR microprocessor. After soildering it up you should be able to easily write C code, flash it to the board over the parallel port, and have access to lots of the functionality.

Sample Code
  • supports 8-bit AVR microcontroller up to 8Mhz
  • on board DB25 port for programming directly from a printer port
  • on board RS-232 serial port
  • 8 LED's
  • 3 generic 8 pin ports
  • on board voltage regulator so you can use any 6-12V DC power source
  • complete development environment in Linux

  • Requirements
    You will need the tools for compiling and programming your AVR microcontroller. I develop in Linux and use the free GNU tools such as avr-gcc, avr-binutils, avr-libc. I use UISP as the programmer to program the AVR over the serial port.

    The Linux tools are here: http://home.overta.ru/users/denisc/. Windows users acan use WinAVR.

    If you use an RPM based distro, I have a local mirror of all the tools you need here.

    For an easy way to see how this all works together, take a look at any of the Makefile's that come with the sample code below. They even show how to program your AVR by doing a 'make install' while you have the AVR connected via a parrallel port. Email me if you have problems.

    Sample Code
    Here is some sample code to get you started:

    Get the schematic in pdf form, or view it below.

    README file, 3D rendering of what the board looks like, schematic, eagle files (.sch and .brd), and Gerber files to send to a boardhouse.


    (don't forget the sample code above)

    Email me if you have questions or need help.

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